The city’s east end has been a hotspot for bric-a-brac hunters since the late 18th Century. With the industrial expansion of Glasgow, and mass immigration from the Scottish Highlands, Ireland and elsewhere in Victorian times, the area became overcrowded. The swelling population of the lower working class needed somewhere to trade and make a living in the city. The Bridgegate or Briggait was synonymous with the rag and second-hand clothes trade at that time. The Glaswegian word barras (pronounced ba-ras) describes the handcarts which the traders used to hawk (sell) their wares.

Some of the most Iconic Glasgow buildings are now being brought back to life by a thriving art and music scene which extends beyond the nearby Trongate area. The Barrowland ballroom is renowned the world over and continues to showcase the best Live music has to offer in this amazing venue. St lukes church is about to launch to compliment and enhance this iconic venue and provide for more intimate events . BAAD is well established now and has hosted some of scotlands finest festivals with stage two about to launch. Many studios will be offering space for up to 50 artists/creatives in a newly renovated section of the barras market. Each and every day new ventures are popping up and its great to see the creative energy that exists throughout this country and beyond flourish in this corner of our great City.

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